The info site for GMPBasic - ostrich mode 

SAOBC - GMP requirements for ostrich producers & processors

1. Ostrich producers must first have their ostrich or abattoir compartments registered with DAFF & the SAOBC .



2. Next the ostrich producers must have a SAOBC  registered compartment number for their (GMPBasic®) farm.

GMP will assist to setup the profile

The program software will be provided in one of two ways:

a.  USB memory stick
c.  Internet download

This profile should be managed by the producers themselves or by a third party e.g.:

- the SAOBC
- an authorized official (AHT = animal health technician, AT = authorized tagger)
- or by an independent administrative office such as GMP Traceability.

Third party administrators will normally charge an administrative fee to enter and manage the data on behalf of producers who need these services.

3.b If no internet connectivity is present, the ostrich producer may use a USB computer flash disc (memory stick) to save their profile and transport it to another GMPBasic® users computer where there is an internet connection. There, the ostrich producer's profile may be imported into a registered GMPBasic® program.

4. The owner will now be able to open the software with their USER NAME and PASSWORD.

 5. Now internet updates and downloads of animal info may be conducted with the current open user profile data. 


3.a If an internet connectivity is available the registered user will be able to upload and download data from the central database through an installed and registered GMPBasic® program. Now they will merely need to learn how to use the system.

 6. Once the actions are completed, the profile is backed up as a default file to the memory stick.


7. This back up version may be returned and imported again with all the updated info into the remote users computer. Now the user will be able to continue adding day to day management records again.