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Ostrich mode
for ostrich producers.

There are separate Animal Type modes in GMPBasic for:

  • Ostriches

  • Livestock (Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs)

  • Wildlife

  • Companion animals

  • Birds

  • Abattoir

    GMPBasic™ Patented Livestock Management Program

1. GMPBasicprovides comprehensive information about the animal, recording of medical history, treatment and procedural records, withdrawal periods, recording of veterinary pharmaceutical products, batch no, expiry dates, manufacture and suppliers details, disease testing and result record, positive and negative status relating to individual animals via electronic medium, pregnancy, dam/sire relationships electronic dispatch and receipt average daily gain (ADG), and other day to day management information.

Developed to meet the highest standards required on traceability and bio-security risk management and to provide producers with important day to day management information, increase economical wealth  and to keep the consumer informed and assured of safe food production.

2. Generically designed and developed to accommodate multi-species management on the same platform, sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, ostriches and other. Selection of species will open species related fields, e.g. Sheep will open FAMACHA scoring, female animals to progeny date entry etc.

GMPBasic Ostrich has been customized to provide similar user functionality to producers, authorized personnel, State Veterinary sections of DAFF, abattoirs and the SAOBC to gather and manage ostrich related information necessary to support the ostrich industry.

GMPBaic™ is easy to use, promoting livestock farming by collecting important data which could benefit all producers financially.  

Recording of treatments and veterinary pharmaceutical products

On line laboratory test result functions exist for livestock (Veterinarian) - this is to be completed for the ostrich industry

Online status verification - lost, stolen, slaughtered, exported, culled, sold (dispatched)

Manual capturing, 2-D bar code scanner machine readability for initial tagging and EID recording functionality additionally for producers with large numbers of ostriches to manage.

Online recording and pro-active response
Erosion diseases flagging and management - assisting prospective buyers against financial losses and future value add to potential buyers.

Tamper evident, ICAR approved animal ear tags, uniquely numbered from a central database, assist with proof of ownership, electronic transfer of all animal ID, medical history and weight - DNA option, livestock audit etc.

 3. With the assistance of the owner from the farm Stolsvlakte, these birds were the first to be incorporated into the ID Tags & GMPBasic pilot site in South Africa. This ostrich farm is approx 10 km from the town of Oudtshoorn, the Ostrich Mecca of the world !

Interaction between SAOBC and GMP

SAOBC =  (South African Ostrich Business Chamber)
GMP   =     (GMP Traceability Solutions)

4. SAOBC Traceability System is the information that is deemed necessary to be able to identify, manage and report on the ostrich industry on the highest level of traceability possible today. The SAOBC Traceability System incorporates some of the VPN and BSM (bio-security modules) procedures. The SAOBC have been instrumental in developing the VPN & BSM's together with DAFF to assist the ostrich industry to upgrade its compliance issues.

5. SAOBC is the ostrich industry's organizational body whereby it addresses critical issues, supplies market information and lobbies on behalf of the industry with various role players. To meet the VPN and BSM requirements the SAOBC has tasked GMP to implement a full ostrich traceability system. The GMP core business function since 2005 has been on the issues of unique animal identification, day to day management, disease prevention tools, treatment record keeping, reproduction and production records for the farmer to be able to evaluate which animals are adding value to their operations with the least negative carbon footprint impact. These same core focus areas will be provided to the ostrich industry.

Phase one implementation
6. In conjunction with the SAOBC, DAFF and GMP, the SAOBC will be implementing its traceability platform for use in the ostrich industry. This will be the customization of certain additional requirements that were identified in the VPN and BSM's. The software system deployment for SAOBC administrative personnel AHT, Farmers, Abattoirs and DAFF is the first critical component. Together with this is the deployment of the central database to which the software 'communicates' the registered ostrich compartment information.

7. The provision of the minimum hardware and software specifications to be implemented by the role players is an important aspect of the first phase of implementation.

It is a given that for a period there will be a change over from a paper driven system to a largely electronic driven system.

Training based on 'Train the trainer' principles will be rolled out in the ostrich industry in the next foreseeable 2 - 5 years.

The purpose of this website will be to provide all ostrich industry role players with the relevant information to be able to participate meaningfully in the sector on the SAOBC traceability platform (GMP).

The website will also in time change as the role out priorities and change management objectives are met and completed.


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