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Ostrich Tag Orders

The system ostrich tags are ordered from the local authorised tagger.

Each tagger is affiliated to a specific authorised abattoir which may only distribute authorised tags.
Authorised tags are distributed from the SAOBC's GMP Tag Manager to the local Abattoirs.
Each abattoir is setup with a GMP Tag Manager.




All these tag managers interact with the central database.
Abattoirs may only distribute these tags to producers that have accredited ostrich compartments.


Once the tags have been attached to the birds and their NCD vaccinations completed this is certified at the abattoir.
The numbers of the tags applied are dispatched to the producer with the associated
vaccination certificate reference.

The licensed GMPBasic - Ostrich Mode which has been launched in October 2015 may be obtained by the producers.
GMP Traceability assists the producers in setting up their licensed on farm software versions.
annual user license fee is very affordable at R900.00

This equates to
R75.00 / month


The certified tag numbers are dispatched for import into the users GMPBasic - Ostrich mode.
This allows the producer to keep head counts of birds.

Producers may add:

  • weight records
  • medical treatment of all registered act 36 or act 101 products
    All the drugs and remedies are prelisted in the system for the convenience of the ostrich producers
  • The system has a calendar function which the producer may setup to assist them with management actions.

    Tags are still ordered via their local designated and authorised taggers.



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