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Ostrich blood collection

Ostrich blood collection for pre-movement serology testing 





Blood samples for serology screening is conducted at accredited veterinary diagnostic laboratories. The test results determine whether ostriches are included in a movement permit number for dispatch to a next external location. Deltamune laboratories in Oudtshoorn are accredited to do the AI (avian influenza) blood tests. 





Ostrich Traceability System (SAOBC) Central database

Ostrich Producer          
(Registered Compartment)   Owner and veterinarian ensure that actions are recorded into the SAOBC traceability system (GMPBasic®) and uploaded to the central database.

The veterinarian, manager and handlers busy collecting blood from ostriches for their serology tests. All such birds must be tagged, uniquely, individually and registered to the SAOBC traceability system.



Birds ready for blood sampling 



Dr Adriaan Olivier from Oudtshoorn who was involved with a lot of the veterinary processes required for the ostrich industry. He is seen here with one of the ostrich farm managers.


Laboratory testing occurs at Deltamune


Blood for serology is collected from tagged and registered ostriches