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Age to Ostrich tagging

There are three age categories of birds .

1. Birds < 4 months of age


Ostrich chicks are managed as batches until the age of 4 months.
If they are moved from a registered compartment they have to be accompanied with a movement permit. Such a movement permit is arranged through the SAOBC offices prior to movement.

2. Birds > 4 months of age

Thereafter at the age of 2 - 4 months of age they are tagged, vaccinated and identified individually into the system.
The authorised tagger returns to the designated abattoir administrator and reconciles their tags. The corresponding Vaccination certificate is logged at the abattoir administrator in the GMP Tag Manager system. The tags dispatch certification for these birds is dispatched from the tag manager to the owner. The owner uses the designated dispatch reference number to import the tags into their on-farm GMPBasic - Ostrich mode owner profile. Here-in the owner may now register the details per bird and allocate them to their paddock or camp system accordingly. Now the owner is able to continue with their on-farm management in the GMPBasic system.


3. Birds > 12 months of age

Generally all birds older than 4 - 12 months should be tagged.
Tags are applied in one of two places on the bird:
1/3 from the base of the body on the back section of the neck

In the posterior (back) section of the wing web.