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Ostrich Management Services

Data capture service for producers who are computer illiterate or do not own a computer system. This service is a chargeable service.
Please contact the SAOBC for further details.

Tel: +27 (0) 44 272 3336  

GMP Ostrich Contact        

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Ostrich Traceability System
Central database



Central database
(SAOBC Administrative services)

An example of how a *SAOBC Ostrich ID tag looks.
The tag number consists of two components:


1. A 2 Dimensional bar code for scanning with a bar code scanner for authentication.

A Human readable number which consists of a 'prefix' and a 'count number'. This count number is what most ostrich producers or members in the value chain will use. These numbers are used in the GMPBasic®  management and traceability system.

The tag numbers can be dispatched and imported into a user's GMPBasic®  
registered compartment profile through the central database. Each tag has its own '2 D-bar code fingerprint' These tags are all issued and controlled through a patented central database system.


Ostrich Supply chain Information Services

To better understand the tagging procedure, click on this link

* The SAOBC ID tag is provided to the ostrich industry under license agreement by GMP traceability


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