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Involve your consultants
(service suppliers)

The GMPBasic system (livestock, ostriches, wildlife, companion animals, birds and exotics) allows for the user to plan and send general or specific communications or instructions to their service providers.

In the menu of GMP there is a 'Consultant' option wherein you need to register your consultant


Once this is done the Calendar reminders can be set in the Calendar function either in:

  • One of the main menu Calendar screens
  • The Calendar option within transactions

When creating the reminder you can select one or more service suppliers who need to be reminded regarding a specific action you require.

After completion of the Calendar reminder additions remember to Synchronise with the server for it to send these automated reminders based on a set of date rules as developed by GMP

Note: Calendar actions and 'Cc' service suppliers must be entered before the calendar is 'Saved' and synchronisd with the server. Changes cannot be made afterwards. Reminders will continue to be sent out on a pre-scheduled setting

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