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How to Synchronise and store
your data in the Central database

The user has various opportunities to synchronise their animal records and data to the central database server.


1. When you have finished your work session:

Select Administration within the main menu of GMPBasic - Ostrich mode


2. Click the 'Administration' dropdown box

3. Move your mouse to the right along the 'Central database' option

4. Click on 'Replicate data to central database'
Allow the full data synchronisation to occur.

5. Then click on the 'Close' button top right hand corner of the system

6. Prompt to close the system

7. Tick both 'Tick boxes'

8. Direct the computer to where you want to store your local GMPBackup file

9. The system will automatically create a Backup file name, don't change this.
When you are in the folder where you want to store your data, click 'Save'

10. ALWAYS make a copy of this Backup file on an external memory stick.
This will allow GMP Traceability to assist you with Quick data installation if your computer had to be replaced

11. When saving at the end of a work session always 'overwrite' the previous backup file in the Backup folder.


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