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When a bird dies or is removed
(external dispatch)

When an ostrich is registered in the GMPBasic - Ostrich mode its 'status' will be known as 'OPEN'

It maintains that status until something happens with the bird. The following status categories are available in the desktop GMPBasic on farm management system.


The two statuses 'Open & Closed' are the two most commonly used categories in the system.
'Open' occurs with the initial registration on the system.

'Closed' can be done manually or it is automated when doing an external dispatch.

Once you have changed the bird's status from Open >>> Closed or any of the other birds you cannot change it manually in the system at this point in time. So unless you do not need to enter any additional data to the bird you may change the bird's status.
These status changes are also used for statistical information.

The balance of the statuses are used fairly infrequently.






Culled / Disease Eradication


Emergency Slaughter


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Status below is infrequently used

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Status below is infrequently used

Authorised EU Export

Closed/Live Export

Found / Returned

Infected Herd


Post Mortem






Temporary Export

Temporary Import

Under Investigation

Under Movement Control


NB: Do not change the status or dispatch birds 'Externally' until all your data related to the specific bird has been added by you. The system can be audited and hence does not accommodate retrospective data entry which could be false information, tampering or data that can potentially corrupt or data that can affect the scientific calculations negatively.


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