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Some of the achievements of the GMP team.



When we started working with the SAOBC their system was largely paper based.

We have assisted the ostrich industry to re-structure their mainly paper driven system to largely an electronic system.

Using our exiting GMPBasic livestock software system we were able to customise necessary structures and processes to implement the gross of the VPN (veterinary proderual notifications) as were required from DAFF to the benefit of the ostrich industry

In combination with all the role players servicing the ostrich industry we were all able together as a team to provide the necessary stability for the ostrich industry to regain its valuable level of contribution in the livestock segment.

GMP's Individual, unique, tamper evident, non re-usable, ICAR approved tags are used within the GMP system to provide the highest level of traceability standards to the ostrich industry as evident with their latest achievements. The GMP Tag Manager system was implemented for use by the ostrich industry in the 2012/2013 season.

The GMPBasic - Ostrich mode software for on farm management has been launched to the industry in Oct 2015. We expect this system to become the base for the ostrich industry and potentially also to play its role in the ruminant livestock sector with the GMPBasic - Livestock mode. The GMP team has vast experience in this field which can be used to the advantage of the South African livestock owner, producer, service providers, ARC and DAFF.

We have positioned the system as an off-line system which affords officials and producers to be able to continue working with their GMP Ostrich software applications even if there is no connectivity. Database synchronisations only required from time to time.

Data is ultimately synchronised to the central database from where data is viewed and used by authorised personel performing support and monitoring functions to help protect the ostrich industry's good status.
Additional developments are underway to strengthen the livestock industry's performance utilising the GMP system.


We would like to take this opportunity also to thank the ostrich industry and other livestock and animal sectors that are using the GMP system for allowing us to become a valuable part of their animal management systems. We encourage all other animal sectors to embrace the GMP system as it is a single database system whereby all the animal management can inevitably be conducted to the benefit of the South African economy.




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