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GMPBasic® ostrich software


Ostrich farmers who are compliant with the new VPN for ostrich producers may register the compartments on the SAOBC traceability system (GMP)



Contact the GMP administrative personnel for assistance. You will need to provide your accredited in good standing OS (Ostrich compartment) number supplied by the SAOBC indicating that you have successfully passed the audit of your ostrich compartment. This audit will have been completed by the state veterinary offices in your region.

Your OS number will be verified with the SAOBC prior to installing your GMPBasic - Ostrich mode on your computer. The GMPBasic farm management system requires a Windows based OS (operating system) to function.

Ensure that you have the correct documentation as the SAOBC cannot make any exceptions for incorrect or unauthorized ostrich compartments.




A compartment Not approved for registration




A Compartment Approved for registration


Each registered Ostrich Producer who has a compliant audit completed and
approved premises is registered into the SAOBC traceability system
(GMP Tag Manager) as a
Registered Ostrich Compartment.

This will enable you to acquire the licensed on-farm software system.
The annual license fee
is currently priced at R1200.00 per annum (excl. vat.)

Training sessions will be available at R750.00 per morning - afternoon session.
Sessions normally start
at 9:00 for 9:30 am till 14:00 pm
Such sessions will be provided once a group is fully booked.
These sessions may be conducted bilingually in Afr / Eng
A group comprises a minimum of 8 people to cover travel costs


Teamviewer sessions for individual people can be booked at R500.00
These remote sessions will be conducted in English



1. Registration page one
Full Owner / manager details

2. Registration page two
Full Compartment details


For first time users who are computer literate a download and installation guide is available.
Users who are not confident can schedule a setup session wit GMP training and support.

GMP First Time Installation Guide - PDF  (for new users)

The GMPBasic® ostrich management and traceability software needs to be installed on each ostrich producers Windows computer in order to be able to link into the SAOBC traceability system

GMP Update Installation Guide - PDF (current and previous users)

The Registered producer will sometimes have to RESTORE their Profile Backup. This will be especially after They will have kept local copies on their machines. This backup is selected in the top left hand corner of the Register Page.

Browse back to where the backup file is.
Select it and then select the option 'Restore file'
'Restore Data from your GMP Backup File' (for previous users)

Activate your profile with the supplied Activation Key to enable you to login with your Username and Password, also provided or that you have stored somewhere.

Activation Keys are valid for 12 months.

Once installed on your pc, laptop or windows tablet you will be required to login with:

User name



What are the features and benefits of
GMPBasic - ostrich mode for the:


  • setup paddocks or camps within the registered compartment
  • number the camps according to state vet indications
  • import tags of vaccinated and tagged birds
  • register tagged birds into GMPBasic - ostrich mode
  • allocate birds to specific camps
  • keep head count of birds in camp for own and audit purposes
  • suppliers details
  • create dispatch locations
  • create Internal dispatch
  • record bird treatments
  • record procedures conducted
  • weigh birds
  • change bird status - open to dead etc.
  • record post mortem findings
  • receive movement permit number from SAOBC
  • dispatch birds and include permit number
  • system updates client ostrich count and bird status


The abattoir may be able to 'IMPORT' the dispatched birds into their local GMPBasic - ostrich mode. This will enable more real time and live updating of the birds statistics

Authorized tagger

Authorised taggers will be able to play a more important part in terms of ensuring that the identification of ostriches and their New Castle disease vaccinations are correctly recorded and reflected on the central database for DAFF and OIE compliance.

State veterinary services

Assists the state veterinary department to conduct AI (avian influenza) testing for movement permit application and approval. Birds can be individually identified correctly to reduce errors, fraud and to increase accuracy level to the betterment of the ostrich industry

Police stock theft department

May assist the South African Police Services' stock theft when investigating the ownership of animals. It may also assist with the identification and retrieval of birds that may have broken out of their camps or holdings

DAFF / OIE reporting

Affords the SAOBC and the relevant state veterinary offices to be in synch with the industry's traceability data. Enhances marketing opportunities for the ostrich industry locally and internationally

Telephone: +27 (0)11 954 4445

Cell phone: +27 (0)83 630 7181