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Internal & External dispatches

There are two types of ostrich dispatches that can occur

Internal or External

1. All ostrich movements, be they internal from one holding pen to another or as external (to another owner or the abattoir) can be captured and administered in the SAOBC traceability (GMPBasic® software) management system.

Each time the user (farmer, tagger, abattoir) synchronises to the server the last and next location of the un-allocated tags and tagged ostriches will be updated to the central database in the GMP Ostrich server on behalf of the SAOBC (Ostrich industry and DAFF). Hereby providing a comprehensive traceability status and reporting.



2. Ostrich Movements  / Movements captured by Owner - Manager in the GMPBasic® software management system.
(Registered Compartment)

Internal Dispatch

Paddock to paddock

External Dispatch

Next farm or abattoir location


3. Select Internal / external to learn a bit more about this function in your desktop application


4. Data being synchronised to the Central database server

The GMP Traceability system had the option of being operated either off-line (with database synchronisations)  or on-line.
For logistical reasons the first phase was opted for the off-line method. Futuristic the on-line function will be considered as an additional option.

The current desktop software application works off-line. This means the client has the benift of recording data in their GMPBasic - Ostrich mode without having to be connected to the internet. This is a major problem where connectivity is poor and variable. Internet bandwidth in South Africa is also still very expensive and so the savings made using the off-line version are quite significant especially for ostrich producers with a smaller scale of economy.

The data is only synchronised after work sessions at the end of the day or when closing the program. As more producers start to use the system more options will become available.