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Create reports from within GMPBasic - Ostrich mode

Within GMPBasic browse to the Reports main menu

In the reports section scroll down till you see 'Create Report' option

Click on the Create report option

This will provide a Report Wizard wherein you can create various reports which can be 'exported' in:

CSV file format (comma separated file)

Once exported as a CSV you may need to save it in one of the many Excel options to your liking.
Remember to highlight the 'Whole' data page in CSV / excel before applying the 'DATA FILTER' button.

If you don't do this your exported data will become corrupted

You can 'drill down' by adding extra 'New search criteria' lines

In each line set more search parameters

Keep adding search parameters. After each search parameter click on 'Show Results'
You will see how the report becomes more defined

When you have the gist of the data you are requiring, click on the 'Export Report' button at the top of the Create Report Wizard menu

You can rename the file name before doing the export function.

Browse to where you want to use / save the data and click on the SAVE button

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