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Ostrich head count system - monthly and spot check

1. The VPN directive specifies that a head count needs to be conducted every month of all the ostriches on the premises. 


2. Authorised administrative users of the SAOBC and the state veterinary department will have access to all relevant ostrich data and statistics in order for them to assist the ostrich industry to comply to the VPN.

The system will afford all relevant departments that need to view ostrich industry data with access on restricted user levels principles. In the first phase, ostrich count audits will for a short period of time still be entered manually into the SAOBC GMP Tag manager system.

In the second phase all ostriches will be automatically audited based on their age from the date they were tagged and registered into the GMPBasic system. Each producer will replicate / synchronise their data to the SAOBC Information (GMP) system.

Farmers who don't have connectivity will be able to update their GMPBasic Profiles through a portable replication file function at someone else's GMPBasic where there is connectivity. Farmers who don't own or are computer illiterate will be afforded the GMP data capture function at a billable rate.

3. Users who have the GMP Ostrich management software in place need only record the data in their systems and then synchronize to the central data base.

Producers who do not have access to the GMP Ostrich version need to capture this data manually and keep record thereof. This information has to be forwarded to the SAOBC administrative department who will do the manual data capture. This service is conducted as a charge item.

4. The Count system in the GMP Ostrich version, keeps a record (log file) of all count sessions conducted in GMPBasic®. These count sessions can be filtered by date and may be printed upon request by an inspector.

5. The producer is able to do a general count of all the ostriches in the registered compartment or a specific count per location (ostrich camp)  in GMPBasic® 



Camp A
= 1 Ostrich

Camp B
= 3 Ostriches



Camp C
= 1 Ostrich

Camp D
= 2 Ostriches