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About Us


GMP Traceability solutions was formed in 2005.
Thus we celebrate our 11th year in 2016 of servicing the animal market.


Companion Animals
Birds and Exotics

We have developed the GMP Traceability system to be MUCH more than an ordinary country animal identification and traceability system.

We felt from the onset that it was important for this system to also provide additional animal production, reproduction and management support to empower the user clients to improve their management. We would have failed if the system merely became another statutory system with no production and re-production benefits to all alike.

Please visit our 'gmptags' website at to see what it is that we are offering the animal market

Best regards,
Mrs Rachelle Cloete
(Founding and managing member

Telephone: +27 (0)11 954 4445

Cell phone: +27 (0)83 630 7181