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Ostrich dispatch and import to an accredited abattoir

(From a registered compartment only)

1. The dispatch function is used to move animals from one location to another. Two categories of dispatch IMPORTS can be done: 

         A. Import from another registered compartment
. Import to a registered ostrich abattoir


2. IMPORT  Ostriches from External Dispatch location
 - A movement permit MUST first be acquired by the dispatching producer before ostriches may be dispatched to the next location. (Within a Registered Compartment)

The details of the ostriches from the dispatching location (registered compartment) can be imported into the new owner's GMPBasic® system. Manual records can be kept on a clip board but ultimately have to be processed within the GMPBasic® system. This can be updated to the server the next time when the owner connects to the internet.

This forwards  the SAOBC (GMPTag's) unique ID tag identification and details relating to the animal records electronically to   the next farmer, auctioneer, feedlot or abattoir. The next owner will be
notified by e-mail. The process will change the status on the GMPBasic® Animal Health Central Data base, to record the next location details.


The new owner will receive an e-mail which has the Dispatch Reference No. with all the SAOBC ostrich ID tags listed and a total of the ostriches in this specific shipment.

External (to the next buyer or sales location) Movement permit MUST be obtained from the SAOBC after the ostriches have all been bled for avian influenza serology testing.

This movement permit number must be entered into the GMP Ostrich software system against the birds ID no's in the system (Manual & electronic Dispatch notification function)


 4. External dispatch IMPORTS occur from one registered compartment to another registered compartment or registered ostrich abattoir. The system keeps record of the numbers and the dates from where to where.

Owners may select the specific paddock upon IMPORT to which the ostriches must be dispatched. This paddock must already be set up by the owner in the Owner Location menu section within GMPBasic

If the abattoir operator has not created holding pens within the system this can also be done once the ostriches have been imported. They will then be allocated by default into the MAIN compartment description. This is the table on the left hand in the Owner Location menu option.

The  movement permit number that is issued from the SAOBC will be included in the dispatch note from the registered compartments GMPBasic® dispatch report. This movement permit number will also be available in the GMP generated e-mail notification for the specific ostriches.

An IMPORT dispatch report may be printed from the new registration log. This dispatch log may be attached to the movement permit and must accompany the truck driver on the journey to the next registered compartment or registered abattoir.

 In the GMPBasic® menu select the IMPORT Dispatched Animals option. The screenshot below will be displayed. Double click and copy the number from your e-mail. Insert the Dispatch Reference No. from the dispatching registered compartment. Then click the 'IMPORT' button. Obviously, you must be on-line with internet connectivity for this action to occur. 



The ostriches are accompanied by two permits:


1. GMP Dispatch Report with Section 6 & 8 'Certificate of Removal' which the owner completes and signs on the farm. This is handed to the driver to present to either South African police stock theft unit upon request and to the next owner.

2.The Ostrich industry's 'Movement permit' which indicates that authorisation has been provided to move the ostriches from one registered compartment to another registered compartment or a registered abattoir









Abattoir operator IMPORTING ostriches from an accredited registered compartment.
(Dispatch location)


5. The system allows for DEFAULT Locations to be changed in Owner Locations in the SETUP menu function.
This affords you the opportunity to be able to select the whole abattoir handling facility or a specific paddock, camp or holding pen. Hereby general or specific data allocation may be made to the ostriches.
After successful import, when you view the '
Owner location' menu, you will notice that the new ostriches will have been allocated to one of your locations (holding pens) for a final pre-mortem inspection prior to the slaughter process being authorised.
In addition, you will also notice that the number of birds will have been added to your current ostrich head count.
A dispatch report is automatically created via e-mail from the ostrich producer showing some information e.g. Tag number, breed, last weight and total animals dispatched in this session.

Dispatch Report of the listed animals with its specific dispatch Reference No.